Question 4
Many datasets controlled by the state are subject to disclosure under the Open Records Law. Do you support making the default policy that such datasets are proactively available online according to commonly accepted open data guidelines (see FAQ for details)?

Please indicate Yes or No and explain your position.
Tom Corbett
We are still waiting for a response from Tom Corbett.
Paul Glover
Yes. I would especially require that all meetings between legislators and/or staff with lobbyists be recorded and published. The revolving door would be thrown open.
Bob Guzzardi

The Open Policy Guidelines appear to be an excellent place to start. As a citizen, I feel frustrated when I try to find out what government is doing
Ken Krawchuk
Yes. The state government should always be answerable to the citizens who pay for it, so openness should be the default course.
Rob McCord
Yes. One of my favorite aspects of the 2008 Right to Know law amendments was the presumption that all state information is public unless proven otherwise. This represents a 180-degree turnabout from the law prior to 2008, which was an extremely positive development. That same philosophy should be applied to datasets so long as the information does not jeopardize public safety and the privacy and confidentiality of citizens
Katie McGinty

Currently, with the exception of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania provides its information based on reactive response. I believe that general public should not have to jump through hoops to review and obtain data. This information should be readily available and easily accessible. Public information is just that, public. We have the duty, as civil servants, to be as transparent with information as possible with the exception of personal and sensitive information, as directed through current law.

We must be transparent and with the technology currently available, we have the ability to provide to the public, for the first time in the Commonwealth’s history, open access to public information in real time.
Allyson Schwartz
I believe that more government records should be available online. If they're public, they're public.
Tom Wolf
I will work with the Office of the General Counsel to identify and release datasets that are subject to disclosure under the Opens Record Law and do not pose concerns about privacy, confidentiality, or security. Government is responsible to the people and we should be promoting participation and collaboration by making appropriate datasets available.