Question 3
Open sharing of information and information technology has helped to improve the relationship between citizens and government. How will your administration use information and technology to better connect with citizens?
Tom Corbett
We are still waiting for a response from Tom Corbett.
Paul Glover
Not only should government output be thoroughly available, but interactive public input could be tabulated and displayed, so that the public can use government websites as organizing and advocacy tools.

Bob Guzzardi
I am not tech savvy but there are resources available. Media use this data and asking media users what they need and what obstacles to getting information would provide ideas to explore. Businesses need to be consulted. What information do businesses need and what are the obstacles to obtaining it? I would consult the business community in similar manner to consulting with the media community to find out what actual users need and want. The tech community can offer ways to meet these needs.

The Open Policy Guidelines appear to be an excellent place to start. As a citizen, I feel frustrated when I try to find out what government is doing
Ken Krawchuk
On my first day as governor, I will direct the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to prepare a breakdown of which prisoners are in jail for non-violent drug crimes and other victimless crimes. It is one of my top priorities to expedite pardons for these people because they do not belong in prison. If there is no victim, there is no crime. I will ensure that a monthly report on this is issued until the number of such prisoners becomes zero, because I want to reconnect non-violent citizens with their families.
Rob McCord
We’ve pioneered a number of ways at Treasury to connect and engage with citizens and businesses, including the use of online webinars to promote programs such as the 529 College Savings Plan and the state’s unclaimed property program. As governor, I intend to build on this track record and employ other social media tools such as Google hangouts.
Katie McGinty
As Governor, my administration will use the latest technology available online to not only provide open data records, but to provide the citizens of Pennsylvania with the opportunity to know what is happening day-to-day in their state government through the internet, social media, etc.
Allyson Schwartz
While Pennsylvania already accepts electronic submissions of campaign finance reports and lobbying disclosure reports, electronic filing is not currently mandatory. This means that the public does not have immediate access to these important disclosures, and the additional steps required to process mailed reports leave room for mistakes and further delays. I will work to make electronic filing mandatory for both campaign finance reports and lobbying disclosure reports.
Tom Wolf
I believe our state government should be doing a better job of using information and technology to connect with citizens. My Fresh Start plan includes ideas on how I will make state websites more interactive and user friendly and move more services to the web.

Every service provided in which residents and businesses need to fill out forms or questionnaires should also be available online. From motor vehicles registration, to voter registration, to business permits and taxes, and to reservations at state park campgrounds – essential services should be available online. As governor, I will expand services offered online and more importantly, simplify the user’s online experience.

In addition to making the State’s online services more user friendly, I know that opening government data can be a great tool for building cross-sector collaboration between government and our workers in the high tech sector and at colleges and universities. For example, I will work with our colleges and universities to sponsor hack-a-thons and develop apps that make datasets accessible to residents. By engaging our high tech specialists in this initiative, we can help build an environment where our emerging tech talent wants to stay and start businesses in Pennsylvania.